Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Why is it that when we remember events, the smells, tastes and hurts remain the easiest things to conjure up? There is something so vivid about even inconsequential experiences when it has to do with say, the smell of lilacs or greasy food.
My Grandmother had very few possessions, in fact, most of what she did have had to go to the place where she had been living. There was however a tin can that held some costume jewelry. I open it rarely, because it still after 21 years, smells like her. Jack had wanted to open it and I explained to him of the value and complexity of what was inside. The thing about Jack Henry is he got it immediately and that can became sacred to him as well.
When my kids were little and I had to leave them to go somewhere, I would say "I'm always in your heart. As I age, I understand that what I was saying is actually true in the most literal sense. And according to my explanation of this to my son, it's cool, but gross too.


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