Sunday, April 27, 2014

Them that don't know him won't like him

Jacob has let me know in no uncertain terms, that what he and his brothers do at this point, is pretty much none of my business.
I countered with;  I’m made aware of what they do when they need something from me, especially money.   That might not have been the best response.  Though it may be true, I really do need to back off and let them get on with it.
In the meantime, Eamon and I watched , Möbius  well I watched it and then insisted he do the same.  The movie is illustrative of what a movie should be, but  for the over the top scenes of intimacy.  I found it strange that in a number of the reviews I read, the sex scenes were mentioned as being tasteful and intense.  Maybe it’s me, but I just thought they were silly and in those moments, the film  lost it’s momentum.  Something I’m very familiar with of late.


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