Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Never miss a beat

My children, and I are hypercritical.  Often times, we don’t even realize we’re  being that way because it is so much a part of our, for lack of a better word, infrastructure.
My parents were here for a few days, as they were invited to moderate and participate in a panel at a local Social Work conference.  Mind you, my mom is in full Dementia, and Alzheimer’s mode .  Yet, because there was an invitation, they came from Southern California, to freezing and blizzard conditions, for a two hour event.
Regarding the critical aspect of our personalities.  Even with my Mom’s status, which is at this point, not remembering from minute to minute, and getting pretty angry if we try to redirect her, which I would love to attribute to the disease, but that’s been there forever and is only exacerbated by her memory loss, even with this as her current status, she does not miss a beat when it comes to someone eating, speaking quietly, or a physical flaw or insecurity.  So, what I know with that in mind, is that it is truly a brain chemistry component.  Maybe with our history, or the fear of being slaughtered in our homes, or because of some jacked up alert mode that came with a genetic mutation for a general sense of alertness, I don’t know, and sure, it’s just another one of my cockamamie theories, but it’s so apparent that our brains detect infinitesimal  shifts of any sort, that being aware of it is equally representative.


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