Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The fire I breathe

In the duringmath of probably one of the worst winters ever, and yes I just made up a word for what happens before the aftermath. 
Anyway,  I’ve been dormant.  And it’s beginning to weigh on me.
Activity, and I mean constant movement, has become the norm for me.  I walk, take the stairs,  and sit on the corner of any chair, at the ready to move.  But, all, or most of this has become limited because of the sheer volume of snow. 
Moving helps me stay sane, keeps things in balance, and provides me with a way to transition.  Without all of that,  I’m stuck, talking about the weather.
One thing that I have gotten to do though is watch a bunch of movies. The last one was CBGB.  It was silly, simplistic and I loved it.  Remembering the beginning my musical history paradigm, when it was all new, and I was totally moment by moment present, is both  joyful and profound. 


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