Thursday, December 26, 2013

He's just different


 Oh and how things can change in a couple of days.
The boy, the one  that was the catalyst for a venue to share, lament, perhaps even, rejoice, asked Eva to marry him, and, she accepted the challenge.
I may be a Teenage Grand mom soon.  But, that is not the reason they are going to get married.  It’s love, love, love.
I immediately went into planning, spending, and sharing anxiety mode, which did not sit well with Jacob, so I’m letting that die down a little and trying to manage those waters with a little less boat rocking.
All of this stuff is inevitable, people get married , even your kids. Yet, it’s so astonishing to think, that I will potentially, in my life time, get to read, listen to, and or watch  his, and his brother’s versions of raising kids, either well, horribly or somewhere in between, and never ever laugh where they can see me.


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