Monday, December 16, 2013

And the most of the attentions is paid to lower things

I’ve mentioned this a few times, that when I started this project, I wanted to be able to give some dimension to the words, so I attached pictures, or various links to reinforce, and illustrate what I was trying to communicate.
 This one, this writing, is going to come up short, because I really just can’t connect the words to my brain so that what I am saying could possibly be as clear as what I see in my head.
Upstream Color, a movie by Director and all around savant, Shane Carruth, not unlike the recent film, The Sound of My Voice, leaves most of the interpretation to the  viewer to work through, diagnose and sit with.  How strange, to be expected to actively participate in trying to figure out what’s going on, on top of a mysterious storyline, and a  bunch of mumbling, and talking facing away. 
It’s so, good, so very, very good.  There’s the simple and then the underbelly, all for interpretation and dismantling.  At one point, I yelled “owned” at the screen, I had such a strong inclination, such a visceral reaction, when characters previously lost and confused had become empowered and ready to take action, but quietly, oh, it was exhilarating. 
 I texted Gus, who was in New York, as he was about to  board a plane to Israel.  When I should have been discussing my love and admiration for him and his bravery, I was mawing on and on about  this movie.  Shalom.


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