Sunday, September 08, 2013

Somewhere in the darkness

 Gus, Jacob and I went to the casino on Friday as we were waiting for Jack’s bus to come in downtown from his college.
Jake is a seasoned professional when it comes to the table games, and I usually have some luck at slots.
Gus watched at the roulette table for a bit, and ended up getting some  mildly humiliating yet very informative tips from the croupier, as Gus (who just turned twenty one)   didn’t know anything about minimums, or percentages and averages.
Equipped with the tiny bit of information that had been shared, Gus went and got some more money, and proceeded to show the guy how very quick of a learner he is.
I stepped away, as I did not want to hover and proceeded to win some skrilla of my own.
The casino is housed in a Cleveland Landmark building, that previously held a department store, there is marble, deco ornamentation and an regal sense of history.
As we walked into the building and looked down from on high, Gus said, “Oh look, Chuck E. Cheese for adults.”
So, so painfully true.


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