Thursday, March 19, 2009

You don't know what you're missing now

After all of these years of thinking it was Jake that needed the most in terms of judgement and watchfulness; oh how wrong I've been. Gus seems to have become derailed and with that comes a bounty of new problems and potentially difficult and awkward situations. What is good about this situation is that it caught me totally off guard and shows me just how clueless I've been even when I thought I had a handle on who was whom and what was what.
When Hitchcock devised his movies, he always had a McGuffin, a plot devise that makes us think something is relevant to the plot and it's mystery, when in fact it's not, it's just a distraction to keep viewers guessing. So, how I see it is, now my world is full of decoys, and I just have to determine the difference between what appears to be important and what actually is.


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