Friday, March 27, 2009

Eternal fate has turned it's back on him

Here she goes again. Nothing can be left unsaid, especially when it has to do with what is real and what is not.
Twilight is the ultimate warped middle aged woman' fantasy of what love should be. Someone is always watching over you, especially while you sleep, he is satisfied to stare into your eyes for eternity, he's there when you're in danger. prolongs the longing and courting and that's enough.
I know that if I was caught up in the mess when it came out, I would have secretly thought Edward was foxy, but, I can look at it from the distance, and from having ordered the books for ten year olds to septuagenarians; with the addition of the DVD release amnesty period and because I've seen it all before, it was called The Blue Lagoon.
The ultimate in undead heartthrob still remains in the capable hands of Gary Oldman, who is now, sadly, aptly named.


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