Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm worse at what I do best

My Sirius radio signal went out last night. I had been thinking that satellite radio really wasn't that exceptional and I was going to cancel it due to all of the belt tightening. Nope, not gonna do it. in fact, I'm going to have something implanted in my head in order to receive the signal all of the time. That's how much I have come to like it.
So, as I was listening to college radio this morning, I heard Smells like Teen Spirit and thought about how non essential that song was, apparently millions of people would disagree. I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate Nirvana or like that song; I did but not so much as to think of it as a favorite or classic.
It wasn't one of those songs that made me want to hear it all of the time, it didn't give me that twinge of magic or connectedness that comes with something that at first grows on you and then becomes something you have to pursue, research and either buy or borrow so you can hear it until you don't need it anymore.


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