Sunday, January 07, 2007

A love that I miss very much

What is home is it a house, a person, a dog? I think home is the original place that of which we can never go back. Perhaps that is the hole that we are always trying to fill; the quintessential comfort zone of where we are always trying to return. So, I guess, drugs, drink, sex, food; none of it is the ticket there. But, without that penultimate loss, would there ever be so many good songs, books, poems, movies, or any sort of output attempting to define the original loss .


Blogger Angello90 said...

this whole talk about home drives me mad. home is as you said original place and everyone have a different "formula" for that. i believe that home is where your heart is, and where you feel welcome and comfortable. nice blog and i like your posts. visit my blogs too. leave comment click some ads maybe?

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