Tuesday, August 25, 2009

But nothing seems to satisfy

I had been planning on seeing Heaven and Hell with Gus but at the last minute he bailed and Eamon stepped up. As it was his fault anyway that I even knew one song by the band it was apropos for him to be the one to attend with me.
The back story on any interest I have in seeing the cheesefest that is a rockandroll extravaganza replete with sixty one year old men jamming out with the big CO is that in the planning stages for his movie, Eamon has been fixating on the song Lady Evil and with that, I have become a huge fan of Black Sabbath sans the Ozz.
So with that we went, spoke to some scalpers, checked at the box office for possibilities and then stood around to discuss how much we were willing to spend for irony. A minute or two before the show started, some fellow looked over at me and asked me if we needed some tickets, he had two he was selling for 5 dollars apiece.
We walked in pumped, (yes I just used that word) and ready, and then I saw that they make you sit down. I cannot imagine having to be in a seat at a show but they also don't let you stand against the rails behind the seats or breathe in less than ten second intervals. My feelings about authority and security are consistent as always. So then the rest of the time I was there I stood at the bar, where you are allowed to stand and fixated on the absurdity of empty seats and area that these people were being paid to watch.


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